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At I Auto Detail, we have many options available. Prices vary depending on vehicle size and options. Please call us today for a free quote in person or over the phone. We can set up an appointment that works for you.

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Wash and Exterior

This isn’t a simple car wash with tire shine. We use techniques and products that are safe for your paint and condition and protect your vehicle until then next visit. We hand wash every vehicle. We do not use brushes or sponges on your paint. Only plush non-scratch microfiber towels and mitts are used. Your tires are decontaminated and degreased. Your wheels gets washed using gentle soap and soft boars hair bushes. Windows are left with a clean streak free finish. When the car is dry we condition the tires and other rubber and plastic areas with a strong UV and hydrophobic protective coating. We recommend the i Wash after your paint is polished and corrected to make sure it stays looking new with a swirl free finish.

Interior and Shampoo

We use different tools and products that are safe on your interior. For your carpet and seats we use hot water extraction to remove dirt and most stains. We also use steam to release bad odors and heavily soiled areas or melted in items such as gum, plastic, candy, crayons, etc. We use soft boars hair brushes on your headliner and leather. We clean your door jambs and weather stripping and every other area that can be reached. After your interior is clean we condition it with a strong UV and hydrophobic protective coating.

Polish and Protect

I Auto Detail does not use heavy rotary buffers on your paint. We only use high quality dual action polishers that are safe on your paint. This service heavily reduces surface scratches and eliminates swirls. Polishing paint is what brings back the shine and glossy look. Many people believe wax is what makes paint look shiny but wax only leaves a layer of protection. Wax is great because a layer of protection is required to protect your paint from sun damage and other natural elements but that is not what brings back that gloss in your paint. There are many swirls in your paint that make it look dull and blurry but with polish combined with our RUPES polishers we can eliminate the swirls and make your paint shine and reflect. After the polishing step we add a layer of protection from wax, sealant, and coatings.
This service includes the iAD warranty (more information at the bottom of the page)


Correction is a full paint restoration service offered by I Auto Detail. It takes the i Polish and Protect to the next level. This helps remove deeper surface scratches and blemishes in your paint. This also removes heavy water spots from hard water that comes into contact with your vehicles surface. If you have water spots we highly recommend choosing the i Correction over the i Polish and Protect. We make sure that your paint is looking as good as it can get with this package. This also includes a wheel and tire cleaning.
This service includes the iAD warranty (more information at the bottom of the page)

Additional Auto Detail Services We Offer

  • Headlight restoration

  • Engine Detail

  • Window Polishing and Coating

  • Fabric and Leather Coating

  • Water Spot Removal

  • Over Spray Removal

  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Maintenance washing

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The iAD Warranty Is a warranty that covers the specified services above as long as you own the vehicle.

I Auto Detail WarrantyIt is valid when you bring your vehicle to i Auto Detail for maintenance washing. If you have your vehicle washed anywhere else it voids the warranty. The reason for this is because local car washes and fundraisers use dirty towels and water to clean your paint. This causes surface scratches and blemishes in the paint and we cannot guarantee our work that way. We check the paint before and after our wash to make sure it looks the same as the day we worked on it. We take pride in our work and want to make sure your paint stays looking its finest. Thank you for understanding.

Call today for a free quote in person or over the phone (623) 332-2932